Vinification and ageing of the wines

The winery is in century-old buildings of the domain. The cellar is equipped with small capacity vats, allowing the separate vinification of each plot.

White and rosé wines are vinified at low temperature and raised on fine lees. These wines are very aromatic, fat and round.

For our light and fruity red wines, we favour vinification “à la Beaujolais" (carbonic maceration in whole bunches) with short maceration. The wines are then assembled and are available after twelve months of ageing in vats.

Varietal wines:
Good aromatic expression is obtained through a grape harvest at perfect maturity. These wines are proposed after twelve months of ageing in vats.

Wines for ageing:
For these wines we perform traditional long maceration of 20 to 30 days. Once assembled, the wines are aged in vats or barrels for twelve to twenty-four months.

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