The Mourvèdre variety is an old Mediterranean variety and one of the oldest grape varieties present in France. Originally from Spain it has gained many of the shores of the Mediterranean. It would have originated from South Catalonia and its name derives from that of the city of Murviedro in the province of Valencia.

Very commonly grown in Languedoc and Provence in the 19th century, it was not replanted after consecutive massive uprootings due to phylloxera, except in the area of Bandol or around Chateauneuf du Pape where its cultivation continued. In 1958, only 600 ha were cultivated in France but today we can count about 7,500 ha.


Plant droit, plant de St Gilles, Estrangle chien, Espar (Languedoc), Mataro ou Mataron (Roussillon, Catalogne), Morastell, Monastrell (Spain). Mourvèdre, Mourvès, Morvède, Mourvézé (Provence), Mourvégué (Alpes de Hautes-Provence), Bénada, Tinto (Vaucluse), Négré Trinchiera.


Very late variety that needs heat, we often harvest in October. It is very vigorous and grows upright. Pleased by conditions when planted on slopes well exposed to the south which warm rapidly. Its cultivation requires special care for original, expressive wines and suitable for long aging. Very fertile, it requires very short pruning,  if necessary budding and green harvesting in order to limit the harvest and get good maturity.

Growing areas

North East of Spain (old vineyards in massal selection), Australia and Crimea.

Wines and flavors

Mourvèdre gives a very colorful wine, rich in tannins, harsh in the early years and demanding longer maturing. It is very interesting to assemble with other varieties such as Grenache Noir and Syrah. A highly reducing temperamental grape that makes its maturation delicate.

Aromas: The peppery and spicy dominant is very characteristic of the grape. As it ages, the aromas evolve to notes of truffle, Virginia tobacco, leather, sandalwood and all kinds of oriental spices, sometimes menthol.

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