Spanish variety, introduced into France during the Middle Ages and which has developed throughout the Mediterranean and Cote du Rhone regions.


Tinto, bois jaune du Languedoc, tocai rosso and cannonau in Italy. Grenache is known by the names of alicante, alicante de Pays, alicante Grenache, alicantina, aragonais, aragonés, cannonaddu, cannonao, cannono, carignane Rousse, gironet, granacha, granacha del Pais, granacha Negra, granacha Tinta, granacho, granaxa, granaxo, guarnaccia, lladoner, mendica, navarr, navarre de la Dordogne, ranconnat, redondal, retagliadu, Nieddu, rivesaltes, rivos-Altos, roussillon, roussillon Tinto, rouvaillard, Sans Pareil, Santa Maria de Alcantara, Tinta, Tinta Menuda, Tinto, Tion de Navalcarnero, Tintore di Spagna, Tocai Rosso.


Grows upright, vigorous, resistant to high winds and drought. It is a late variety, very vigorous and productive, sometimes fearing sag. It is adapted to low acid, gravelly or stoney soils. Very susceptible to mildew, it likes hot, dry climates.

Growing areas

This is one of the most cultivated varieties in France (nearly one hundred thousand hectares) and in the world. It is the second variety in Australian viticulture and is also cultivated in Italy, Maghreb, South Africa and California.

Wine and aromas

In favorable conditions (dry and rocky terrain), the resulting wine is high in alcohol, bodied, heady and a beautiful reddish golden brown colour. Grenache at full maturity gives wines rich in alcohol, low acidity and soft tannins. Vinified in rosé, it forms the basis of the plantings in Provence and assembles happily with pink Syrah. It is also vinified as a sweet wine, giving Banyuls, Rivesaltes and Maury after very long aging.
Depending on the vintage and terroir, cinnamon aromas are present and very spicy, or strong aromas of red fruit (raspberry). Grenache has great aromatic "plasticity" with regional flavors, which makes it one of the most interesting varieties for Languedoc winemakers.

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